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At the Raining Day

Memories won't fade
Posted on Thursday, 8 November 2012 @ 01:20 | 0 comment(s)

I dooo miss this moment on December 2011 Aummm . The first picture of us   :* Sudah setahun dengan dia . To be honest , I never met someone like youu arif . Someone as naughty as you , loving and caring person . Jahat buruk dia semua aku terima . Aku cuma happy , happy sangat even macam-macam cara kami pernah gaduh sekalipun. Tapi dia still tunjuk rasa sayang dia tanpa sesiapa pun yang nampak :') 

Sweetheart , no matter how hard it could be , I just wanna stay with you . Only youu . Perkataan putus banyak kali keluar pada mulut aku , tapi dia ? Sekali pun tak pernah sebut perkataan tuu . He's sometimes could be a romantic person and sometimes not :D He always know whatever I want . Cadbury ? Walaupun poket hanya ada kupu-2 , dia still beli cadbury yang kecil kat akuuu . HAHA . 

I just wanna thank to youu for taking me a good care . For being there to wipe my tears , To flip my hair , To teach me what is the  LOVE  really mean . I just LOVE , LOVE and LOVE you my dear arif . 

#takeagoodcareofmyheart :'*

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